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what a way to DOH!
emperor polyester
God. damn. it.
my whole destiny

How did this thing come to be?

By accident, I found out I could enrich the experience of  the 93,000 word manuscript I wrote with Adobe InDesign\’s \’bells & whistles\’ in ways I haven\’t seen anyone else do in an eBook (beyond Brad\’s illustration at the beginning of the chapter).

InDesign has been a fantastic tool for digital creatives for many years. For whatever reason, no one has given the content of \’story\’ eBooks a real shot in the arm as far as UX or UI or even basic design. IMHO.

Not that my design style is sophisticated, it surely is not. But it\’s distinct and easily digestible.  And most of all, it\’s MINE. Not everyone will like it or even \’get it\’, and that\’s ok. Let me be clear; I have not been trained on InDesign. I\’m a hack.

I have sourced icons and gifs online, paying to license them for commercial use. The real fun was hiring Fiverr folks to build custom gifs designed just for me. I sourced some of the audio and also voiced much of it myself to get exactly what I was looking for.

I took all of the photos in the eBook and on this site, except where noted. This will be when I add some of my son Aubrey\’s epic BC coast sunset photos. I don\’t use any filters or make any adjustments to the photos.

The 52 chapter manuscript will be issued in 6 volumes of about 9 chapters / 75 pages / 450MB each. This type of ePub file can only be read through Apple Books. I am researching another reader that is not IOS dependent to read the file. Kindle readers use MOBI files and cannot read ePub files.

I have 5 more titles to write about Alexine\’s adventures:

  • Alexine Delivers – delivering mail & delivering a dying loved one to family
  • Alexine Schemes – MLM | Amway Ninjas like you\’ve never seen
  • Alexine Serves – serving drinks & meals, F&B behind the scenes
  • Alexine Airs – corporate radio broadcasting in small town
  • Alexine Goes Off Grid – oyster farming, living off grid on BC\’s coast

This is why this site is named Alexine Reads, not Alexine Cleans.
I look forward to writing those other stories!!
will link to ebook sampler page.