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Alexine\’s stomping grounds
and her 2 cents…


takes all kinds
I clean for all different kinds of people. There’s this adorable ancient man, almost 90, lives way out on a country road. 


welfare Tupperware
I think that the whole ‘soul mate’ idea is a load of horse shit. I’m not cynical. I do believe in love. 


on a massage table
Another covert habit I have on cleans involves a tennis ball but no dog. 


let\’s get this party goin\’
Is it considered an eating problem or a drinking problem if you’re hung over and inhale a chunk of carrot while chewing?..

home cold home
I guess I’m sentimental, but I like to see family pictures in a house. It feels homey…

small price to pay
I think I’ve earned calluses on the trigger fingers of both my hands from vacuuming so much with my beloved Dyson stick vacuum…

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