who knew?!

video (& podcast) episodes

they're something else, right?

thanks to YouTube, you get more...

episode 1: SLAP OF REALITY  

Thanks to a TeleFilm grant from the Canada Media Fund…
let’s get this party going!
I painstakingly specified what was to be visible
on the screen for every second of this video in slides…
It wasn’t an actual 661 slides but it sure FELT LIKE IT! 
After this episode, I would be building it all 
in Premiere Pro myself, except for a few MOGRTs.
Learn new things! Once the pain wears off, it feels great!

episode 2: HAIRY JOHNS

How does CustomGrow420, Kid Rock
and Gilligan fit in with a sex-positive working woman
over 40 and the teenage opioid epidemic
AND still be a comedy!?
You never know WHAT you’re gonna see
when you’re hanging with Alexine!
And I’m not going to lie, I’m quite proud of 
my first ever video creation, as humble as it may look…

It has become apparent that I cannot do the visual component by myself along with my full time job, self care & sanity…
can I do the AUDIO alone without any hired (or free) help?!? YES!

FYI, if anyone wants to supply a budget
&/or some fun creatives to jump into
turning these ongoing podcasts into YouTube videos; BY ALL MEANS, hit me up!

I am happy to report that the ALEXINE CLEANS Barely Fiction PODCAST is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, ListenNotes, Deezer, Pocket Casts, Podchaser, Player FM, and it should show up on iHeart radio and Alexa / TuneIn any day… here’s a link to my Buzzsprout URL 
I will mention that Spotify did NOT appreciate Brad Collins fine art of the cheeky cowgirl either! I reworked it with a CENSORED stamp across those hot buns and I hope it will slide through at some point! That means episode 2 is NOT available on Spotify. It is all other platforms thankfully… see the sound bites below::: 




it's all part of you & me

seriously though...

doesn’t that look fun!?

too much fun for one day