Welcome to Alexine\’s world


\’Alexine Cleans\’ is an eBook like you\’ve never seen
for those of us who feel like we\’re somewhere in between

check out a story with a unique message,
told in a whole new way!


Do you ask yourself questions like:
What if I want to be more than a wife & a mother?
What else do I have to fulfill myself?
What if my child is hell-bent on taking life-threatening risks?
What value does society give me if I\’m not married or a mom?
Why do I have to work so hard?

\’Alexine Cleans\’
Alexine is resourceful and she continues to strive.
She\’s been around long enough to have come by some grit honestly
and yet, she still has a sense of anticipation and wonder.
Now there is a voice for the working woman who is over 40…
imagine THAT!

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