by Brad Collins

One of British Columbia’s treasures is Brad Collins.
A writer, illustrator and game designer;
he’s got his hands in many cookie jars.

And I just LOVE what he did with Alexine.
Thank you, Brad, for bringing her to life!

  • light hearted
  • down to earth & dtf
  • well rounded, in a few ways
  • Alexine, that is, not Brad…
  • Hmmmm, maybe Brad too!

from the top:

Brad by Brad

fyi, the illustration name is not the chapter title.
Chapter 1: WTF

Chapter 2: cowgirl

Chapter 3: sewing with Grandma Jo

Chapter 4: the bigfoot believer

Chapter 5: the cheddar lover

Chapter 6: the broom rider

Cover: Dyson stick & Scrappy Coco, fav helpers

last image: just making sure you\’re still paying attention….

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