let\’s get this party goin\’

Is it considered an eating problem or a drinking problem if you\’re hung over and inhale a chunk of carrot while chewing?  Sheena and I went out on a \’school night,\’ and it was so worth it. It was the 20th anniversary of her 25th birthday, after all. The one, the only Reverend Horton Heat, puts on a damn fine show. The Delta Bombers and The Hooten Hallers rounded out the high energy Sunday evening. 

Rockabilly works for us. The demographic is good: the crowd is generally 35-55 years old and 35% female, 65% male. Can I get an Amen? I love seeing the girly girls with skirts, from pencils to full circle skirts with crinoline slips and lots of ink. The guys have some style too. I don\’t know what revolts me about most \’classic rock\’ but, Goddamn, enough already. Harvey would call it \’boring boomer music.\’ Rockabilly is retro but doesn\’t feel played out to me. But I\’ll take me some Canned Heat anytime. Even if it’s not rockabilly.      

I\’m goin\’ where the water tastes like wine

We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time

It was a well-rounded evening with a few shrooms (enough to get stuck in your molars, blech), a few joints of now legal BC bud (how very civilized) and rum for Sheen and gin for me. I even put time into my hair instead of wearing it up as I always do when on a clean. I coaxed the curls to show themselves and committed to it with hairspray. 

Hairspray has come a long way. I love this flexible, soft to the touch stuff they make now. Nicely fragranced too! I even put on eye shadow and wore contacts! I pulled on a ruched black pencil skirt without leggings or nylons, only the black bike shorts to keep those thighs from starting a fire. Then topped it with a sheer cleavage-showing blouse and took a selfie. You sexy bitch. 

excerpt from Chapter 11 of Alexine Cleans

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